Q-Plug - NorthQ - Add-on - 1
399,00 kr

The Electricity Detective

The Q-Plug is a cost-efficient solution which allows you to control your devices and measure their individual consumption through your computer or a mobile device. The built-in metering function provides the user with accurate consumption data every 15 minutes which can be display on the HomeManager portal. To use the Q-Plug you need a NorthQ gateway (Q-Stick, Q-Gate, Q-Gate Pro), which is the unit that controls your devices.

Q-Plug is also available as part of the Electricity Control Kit and of the Electricity Saving Kit (click to read more about the offer).



  • Check power consumption of each individual device
  • Reduce the standby consumption
  • Set on/off schedules for your devices
  • Compare consumption periods and get your overconsumption under control
  • Follow the consumption and control your devices directly via smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Free access to HomeManager - available via web browser, iOS and Android Apps

Technical Specifications:

  • Compatible with any Schuko type European outlet.
  • Supports a wide range of 3rd party Z-Wave certified devices.

How it works?

Q-Plug | NQ-9300-EU

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