Q-Gas - NorthQ - Add-on - 1
799,00 kr

Note: The product comes with a sleeve on the box and instructions in Danish. On your request we can put the installation instructions in English.

The Gas Analyst

The Q-Gas is a smart gas meter reader which attaches to your existing magnetic or silver spot gas meter. It measures gas consumption every 15 minutes and simultaneously displays the data on your HomeManager account. To use the Q-Gas you need a NorthQ gateway (Q-Stick, Q-Gate, Q-Gate Pro), which provides the connection between the Q-Gas and your computer or your mobile device.

You can check the convenient offer for the Gas Starter Kit, which consist of Q-Gas and Q-Stick.


  • Compare consumption periods and get your over consumption under control
  • Compatible with magnetic and silver spot gas meters.
  • Get insights and overview of your gas consumption
  • Spot errors on your gas installation and reduce your energy waste
  • Internal 3-month consumption data backup storage
  • Follow your consumption via smart phone, tablet or computer
  • Free access to HomeManager available via web browser, iOS and Android Apps

Technical Specifications:

  • Q-Gas is compatible with almost every existing gas meters with a magnetic contact or silver spot.
  • Q-Gas has 12 months average battery lifetime.

How it works?

Q-Gas | NQ-9121-EU

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