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Danfoss Living Connect - NorthQ - Add-on - 1
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The Warming Manager

The Danfoss Living Connect is an electronic wireless radiator thermostat which provides energy efficiency and comfort control. NorthQ provides the platform HomeManager through which you can control the thermostat from your phone, PC or laptop without any monthly fees. To use Danfoss Living Connect you need a NorthQ gateway (Q-Stick, Q-Gate, Q-Gate Pro), which provides the connection between the Danfoss Living Connect and your computer or mobile device.

The Danfoss Living Connect thermostat is also available in the Heating Control Kit (click to read more about the offer).


  • Save up to 23% on your heating consumption
  • Set automatic heating and saving schedules for your rooms
  • Vacation Settings ensure automatic heat regulation during vacations
  • All devices can be controlled via smart phone, tablet or computer
  • Easy installation - no the need of a plumber.

Technical Specifications:

  • Danfoss Living Connect is compatible with most radiators.
  • Danfoss Living Connect has 24 months average battery lifetime.

Information about the valve

Danfoss Living Connect comes with RA-valve adapter and M30 x 1,5 (K) valve adapter.

If you need other adapters, please visit our Accessories collection to see what we could offer you.

How it works?

Danfoss Living Connect | NQ-500-EU

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