Purchasing more than one product for your household?

If you are purchasing more than one product for your household you can you can just write in the special instructions for seller on the shopping cart's page: “bundle the products” and we will ease the installation for you by generating one single pin code. This will also significantly reduce the time you would have to spend on the installation. Please note that this is only regarding the products which are going to be used in the same apartment/house.

What is a PIN code and how does it work?

Each kit that you order will come with an installation code. The PIN code is the key to the installation of any type of kits and it is meant to provide a smooth installation, avoiding any confusion that might occur during the process. The PIN code can be used only once when you perform the installation for the first time. However, in case you will need to reinstall the devices (i.e. relocation), please contact support@northq.com and we will be happy to help you!