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  • Wake Up With Your Favourite Music

    Connect your NorthQ system with your sounds system and you will be able to wake up with your favorite radio station.

  • Enjoy A Carefree Vacation

    Thanks to NorthQ products, you have the possibility to set up all of your devices as well as heating on a vacation mode so you save energy while being on your dream holiday.

  • Keep An Eye On Your Family

    Have a look at the electricity consumption in your home and make sure that your kids are back home from school.

  • Standby Consumption

    Reduce the standby consumption of your devices by switching them off from the wall socket.

  • Warm Your Villa

    Remotely turn on your heating before you arrive home or at your summer house.

  • Check Your Home

    Did you forget to switch anything off? Simply log on your HomeManager account and check it out.

Frequently asked questions

What is a PIN code and how does it work?

Each kit that you order will come with an installation code. The PIN code is the key to the installation of any type of kits and it is meant to provide a smooth installation, avoiding any confusion that might occur during the process. The PIN code can be used only once when you perform the installation for the first time. However, in case you will need to reinstall the devices (i.e. relocation), please contact support@northq.com and we will be happy to help you!

What is HomeManager?

HomeManager is an online platform developed by NorthQ; if the Q-Stick is the heart of your home automation system, then HomeManager represents the hands and eyes of it, because here is where you can track and control all the activities in your household. Specifically, in HomeManager you can see exactly how much you consume or you can set different schedules in order to optimise the electricity and gas consumption. Moreover, based on electricity and gas prices from your providers, the system calculates how much money you can save yearly. Everyone who purchased a NorthQ gateway will have access and can take advantage of all these features for free.

What is Q-Stick and how does it work?

The Q-Stick gateway is the heart of your home automation system. This small, compact, powerful gateway can connect wirelessly to your router and can support a maximum of 16 devices at once. Designed to be easy to install and to operate on, the Q-Stick is responsible for collecting the data from your Z-Wave devices in the household and transmitting them further to the HomeManager app for you to access and control. Similarly, the Q-Stick is in charge of distributing the commands received through HomeManager to the other devices.

Create your own customized kit!

When it comes to tech products we know that people value simplicity and ease-of-use. With this in mind, we come with a solution that offers you the possibility to create your customized kit with just a few clicks. Regardless of what types of devices or how many you purchase, the system will bundle all the products and will generate a single PIN code for the entire order. This PIN code will be later used to install all the products that you purchased. Read more

More answers to the FAQ you can find here.

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